Month: February 2016

Are Sapphires Less Expensive Than Diamonds

Sapphires Less Expensive Than DiamondsSapphires and diamonds are categorized together as some of the most expensive gemstones. However white sapphires are cheaper compared to diamonds even though they share the same clarity and shine as well as beauty. In fact, if you are not careful, it can be easy to confuse between diamonds and white sapphires. There are of course a number of factors that command the prices of gemstones in the market and the same goes for diamonds and sapphires.


When it comes to pricing, diamonds are slightly above sapphires, even though they may share the same weight. The clarity grade and color of the stones will of course determine the price. For diamonds that stand at 1.5ct point and above the prices tend to rise steeply and the same goes for the sapphires. But even with the premium stone features, it is a fact that sapphires always cost less than diamonds even though not with a very big margin. If you are working on a budget when getting your engagement ring, then white sapphires can make very good alternatives to the diamonds.


One of the factors that make sapphires a bit cheaper to diamonds is durability. Diamonds are less prone to scratch, but sapphires are also hard because they contain corundum. When it comes to abrasions and hardness, sapphires score 400 points on Mohs scale, whereas diamonds score as high as 1500 points on the same scale. This means that you will get your sapphires are a cheaper price, but then you might need to keep up with constant care to keep them in top shape compared to a diamond. It is however also important to note that the crystalline structure of diamond makes it prone to chipping compared to sapphire, but this is a very rare occurrence common in princess cut diamonds.


White sapphires look very similar to real diamonds, but diamonds have more sparkle and scintillation. Sapphires so not display scintillation, but they are incredibly beautiful in their inherent body color, whereas diamonds are all about scintillation, fire and brilliance. Sapphires have that unique white appeal, making it a good alternative for many people, but if brilliance is what you are looking for, then diamonds are a much better choice. Milky and cloudy diamonds and sapphires do not hold much value and you should avoid them even though they may be cheaper.

Cut grading

Sapphires unlike diamonds do not have cut grading system. Sapphires can only be described in carat weight, shape and body color parameters and whether they have been heat treated or not. This is reasonable because the cut of sapphire does not in any way influence its beauty like it is the case with diamonds. Instead of paying too much attention to the cut, you simply need a good set of eyes to tell a good value sapphire.

Before buying any given gemstone you are interested in, it is important to take a closer look. Diamonds and sapphires are relatively expensive stones compared to others, but you can still find very reasonable prices, especially from online stores which have lower operating costs compared to brick and mortar stores.

Engagement rings come in very attractive designs and carry different gemstones to complete their beauty. Blue sapphires and white sapphires make some of the best for engagement rings, but you can choose from the rest of sapphire colors.

Gold Bangles or Diamond Bangles? Take Your Pick

Gold Bangles or Diamond BanglesBangles uniquely define the culture and the heritage of India. These are rather traditional jewelry and preferred to be worn in pairs. Considering how gold and diamond bangles are high-end jewellery in terms of pricing, the need to wear bangles and its entry into the fashion world have ever only increased its value. These beauties are worn widely around the country by women many times to signify matrimony or simply to flaunt an ethnic look.

Having said that all the rage to purchase jewellery has shifted to the digital space in past years and rightly so as you can get tons of designs to choose from while bangles online shopping.

If you’re going for a traditional look and pairing up jewellery with Indian attire going for diamond studded bangles could be a good choice. Bangles are versatile accessories and hold a precious place in women’s hearts especially of the Indian descent. Diamond bangles are affordable and available in range of designs.

Well, we also like to spice up the look sometimes with semi-traditional attires that blend into the modern look to show off both the sides to our playful self. Gold bangles are an easy choice here, as they compliment colors pretty well and remain subtle accessories when worn with fusion ensembles. In fact, gold bangles online in India are highly searched for by all ages of women preferring lightweight jewellery in the most novel designs.

Some things to keep in mind while making a purchase online –

Bangles size – if you’re buying bangles online for the first time refer to a bangles size-r or simply select the size you currently wear. (Tip – check to see if the sizes mentioned are Indian sizes or not, or whichever unit you measure in)

The gold weight used – this is important if you’re going for just gold and if you are looking for light weight or fuller weight bangles.

The diamond quality – diamonds need your attention, check the cut, clarity, carat weight, and color.

Certificates – this one is extremely vital; you should receive separate certificates for gold and for the diamonds.

Gifting – Bangles are good option for gifting to newly wedding couple. Keeping this tradition alive opt for chic designs that the everyday working women can flaunt too.

Last but not the least; take your pick, even though you’re in love with both which one would you prefer over the other – Gold bangles or diamond bangles?

10 Tips for Buying a Men’s Stainless Steel Bracelet

Men's Stainless Steel BraceletLength: The first thing one should note before the purchase of a bracelet is the length. The average length which suits all types of men is 8 to 8.5 inches. That is too small and is uncomfortable to wear. Men who have smaller or larger than average wrists can adjust the size of the bracelet accordingly.

Width: The average width should be 9 or 10 millimeters. If you buy a bracelet with such a width and length, it becomes not only comfortable but also noticeable when worn. The width of equally important as the length.

Size: A bracelet should not be very large or minuscule. Before buying, it is important to measure the wrist size. If possible, the buyer should try on the bracelet before purchase. Some bracelets might have removable links or can be expanded or tightened if the need arises.

Quality: When shopping for a stainless steel bracelet, buyers need to do more than just choose a style that they find eye-catching. One should see the quality; a good bracelet is made up with a perfect finish. The metal should be polished pleasantly and a beautiful silver color making it be of high quality.

Weight: One should note the weight of the bracelet, for if you buy a heavy one it can make you feel very rigid. Buying a thin bracelet may not also be a good idea. A medium sized will do for all men because it is easily noticeable and very durable.

The way of clasping: There are two types of clasps which get used commonly; a small latch and a locking clasp. A small latch can get opened up and closed up by a simple mechanism. For a locking clasp, a small door locks the bracelet. A good type of lock is necessary for if it is not good you cannot use.

Metals used to make: The 316L form of metal gets commonly used. It is resistant to rust and corrosion, has an excellent tensile strength and also withstands all types of weather extremes and heat. Bracelets made from this form of metal are very durable.

Accents of the bracelet: Some bracelets feature small 18 karat yellow gold accents which get mixed with the stainless steel. The mixing adds style and makes it more appealing. Such types of bracelets are costly than others but very worthwhile.

The price: A buyer should take the time to compare the price of a bracelet to other similar made from other materials. By comparing the prices, one can determine the best to buy. Stainless steel bracelets are usually less expensive than other precious metals, thus affordable to many people.

The condition of the bracelet: Stainless steel can hold up well over time, so even with minimal care a bracelet can still look pleasant even if it was formerly used. Some buyers may opt for second-hand; they should be careful not to buy heavily used this with a dull appearance. The price of the bracelet should also take into consideration wear and tear.

The Most Powerful Gemstone For Luck

Powerful Gemstone For LuckGood luck is something that everyone yearns for and would like to enjoy. Gemstones have living energy and the different one come with different healing and metaphysical properties. Luck is among the energy that most of the gemstones carry hence carrying the crystals or wearing them can fetch you good luck. Important to note is that even though there are so many gemstones that are powerful when it comes to luck, the kind of luck you are looking for can determine what stone is best for you.

Green Jade – This good luck charm stone is loved and treasured in China considering how common it is there. A large number of people actually carry to attract good luck are family and personal levels. It is among the stones that you can, you can use to have luck in business. The gemstone is also used to maintain stable relationships and to transmit values like kindness, charity and modesty.

Agate – It is among the most powerful luck stones in the esoteric world. It is made up of several quartz minerals and has varying colored circles. It balances energies and at the same time attracts luck in sentimental and economic terms. It can also be used to call passion, encourage relationships and to call love.

Turquoise – The gemstone has a unique and peculiar blue color varying from apple green to blue and makes it valued. Arab countries love it for bringing good luck, whereas eastern countries consider it the most powerful stone in warding off the evil eye. By wearing the gemstone, you will be able to recharge positive energy and bring good fortune your way. It is also a stone for wellness and joy.

Ruby – It is an incredibly beautiful gemstone and one of the most powerful when it comes to good luck in various life aspects. It is especially a luck stone in love and in games and can therefore even rekindle fading love. Ruby is also regarded as stone of wealth and with it you can start walking the path of success with your goals and projects.

Red jasper – It is a popular lucky stone that helps in bringing out creative ideas and boosting confidence. Those in the entertainment industry, especially actors and actresses will find the gemstone, particularly valuable in their careers. Carnelian is another gemstone that attracts the same kind of luck.

Garnet – Those looking for career luck, this is the gemstone to use. It is very powerful in encouraging good business relationships and stimulating the desire for others to work with you. It is the best stone for those who wish to advance their careers.

Amazonite – It carries the name ‘lucky hope stone’ because of the powers it has in bringing luck to dreams and hopes. The stone will help turn your dreams into reality by bringing clarity to the intentions you have, motivating and empowering you so you can manifest the dreams into reality. Carry it with you and you will start to see your dreams coming true.

Engagement rings come with lots of different stones and you can choose the best according to the results you can get from the powers the stones carry. Sapphire rings have also become very popular and you can find them in various styles, sizes and colors.